Amboss Factory

Hammer, anvil and stirrup transmit one after the other the waves and vibrations through the ear-drum to the inner ear. So, anatomically the anvil is the most powerful contact element for acoustic information. We find this symbol describes our mission very well. Because that’s what we mainly do: arrange, mediate and strengthen!

We are B-2-B.

With the Amboss Factory for Film and Music we have created an internationally networked, resident-in-Hamburg platform, that concentrates the divers tasks under one roof. All our activities are always happening at least in one of the two markets film or music. Our partners and clients can combine our supply as a full service or modular. We generate and maintain music products and -projekts countrywide. Our speciality and emotion is the interface of music and film and multimedia/games.

We love films, music and their marketing.

We can accompany the creative and economic processes with the know-how and experience of more than 20 years in the music industry. Since 2002 we move in these markets with the instinct for the right vision, the understanding of the target groups and a pro-active mentality for realization of the optimal strategy. We have developed an intuition for successful communication in our markets.

We care for our clients.

Our clients mostly work together with us for many years, and we consider them as partners and Gleichgesinnte. It is important for us to work on mutual confidence to have the freedom of putting our ideas to practice. We are aware of the challenges of our markets and our memberships at GEMA, GVL, IHM and VUT and our connections with the major-publishers and labels give us access to the big networks in the creative industries. We are financially, legally and as family-owned company strictly independent.